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About the Product

Prolifewater flosser is a result of joint effort  by  Montex Swiss AG company, a provider of modern design solutions and innovative technologies, and Aquapick company, a manufacturer of flossing devices and electric appliances for dental hygiene.

Prolife water flosser is an electric device that is used for cleaning oral cavity after brushing. It cleans the teeth and massages gum tissue by a fine spray of water or medical solution that completely washes away any food remnants and plaque stuck in inter-dental areas and in the areas of the oral cavity that are difficult to reach.

Prolifewater flosser is designed for everyday use after brushing by all family members.

Brand Philosophy

Oral hygiene is fundamental for general health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to the following consequences:
  • Brain
    Poor oral hygiene accelerates aging process and impairs cognition.
  • Respiratory System
    Greater risk for pneumonia, asthma, laryngopharyngitis.
  • Heart and blood vessels
    Greater risk for fatal cardiac attack (up to 2.8 times greater than in normal controls).
  • Uterus
    Greater risk for premature birth (up to 7.8 times greater than in normal controls).
  • Diabetes
    Infection or inflammation in the roots of teeth and periodontal tissue may increase the risk for diabetes by lowering insulin levels and complicating the control of blood sugar level.

Why irrigator Prolife?

Dentists recommend Prolife Aquapick AQ-300 because:

Key Advantages

Powerful Pulsating Stream
Water spraying power (1,800 pulsations a minute) helps massage gum tissue and periodontium improving blood circulation and thus strengthening alveolar bone structures that provide support to the teeth.
Innovative Long-Lasting Pumping System
The unique stainless steel piston in the pumping system of this water flosser has a long term of service and ensures perfect cleaning.
Compact and Convenient
Easy to place in any bathroom on the edge of the washstand. No bother with mounting the device.
Device for all Family
Transparent nozzles and four-color hangers make it easy for all family to use the system.
Adjustable Water Pressure Level Button
It allows users to select the required water pressure to achieve the best results in cleaning interdental areas and massaging the gum tissue.
Water Flosser Prolife
The only water flosser clinically tested in Belarus. The only device of thу kind registered as medical equipment, which is proof of safety and clinical efficacy.

How to Use

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Certificates and Research

  • Korean certification for sale electric appliances
  • EU certification
  • Korean intellectual Property office
  • Japanese certification